We are sad to announce Twylah’s services have officially been discontinued.

Twubs acquired Twylah in 2014 with incredible excitement about the platform, customers, and vision of social relevancy and influence.

We ABSOLUTELY plan to relaunch a Brand Builder and other solutions as part of the Twubs social engagement solution portfolio in the future. We sincerely apologize for any disappointment.

Please contact us at help {at} if you require further assistance.



With a visually dynamic fullscreen Tweet Wall, a one-of-a-kind scrolling Tweet ticker, best-in-class Twitter Chat… a moderation dashboard and real-time live event reports (currently in free beta!) … Twubs has a powerful suite of tools to help you engage and WOW your audience.

Fullscreen Tweet Wall

Display tweets, images and videos on any display in perfect vibrant color. It’s so big, the crowd will feel like they’re part of the show.

Tweet Ticker

The most feature rich and attractive animated tweet ticker available today. It’s like Wall Street, only more fun.

Moderation Dashboard

Our easy to use app for moderating your hashtag feed to display the tweets you want, and block out inappropriate content and spam.

Social Media Doesn’t Stop When the Lights Dim.

We love staying connected to our social networks, even during the loudest concerts and busiest conventions. Our tweet-to-screen solutions help you get people talking about your event, during your event. Watch as your hashtags become major trending topics across the web, before the audience even leaves the venue.

Connect With the Crowd

Customizable areas allow you to interactively engage your audience. Display sponsors’ logos and advertisements or show messages and instructional text. The ability to add custom content lets you find new ways to use our tools.

Connect With the Crowd
Embed Photos and Video

Embed Photos and Video

It’s not just about text! Display images and videos published to your hasthag feed from social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo. Create photo montages using images taken directly from your hashtag feed.

Moderate the Masses

People tweet the darndest things. Take control of what your audience sees and set your feed to only display tweets with your permission. Our fun and intuitive moderation app can be used by multiple users simultaneously for large scale events, and even from remote locations.

Moderate the Masses
Change Things Up

Change Things Up

No programmers needed here! Use a visual editor to customize text, colors, text size and more. You control the look and feel of just about everything. Want pink text on a green background? Go for it!…but we really wouldn’t suggest it.